Thursday, 10 November 2011

Blogger Community and Blogs of note

So this blogging thing right. There is a lot more to it than I first thought. I thought you'd write something and push publish. Job done!


There's a blogger dashboard, reading lists, layouts, scheduling and something called 'blogger buzz'. Plenty to confound us relatively e-literate people.

One thing I have come to understand is that finding other bloggers whose thoughts/posts you are interested in and getting involved in the blogger community aspect is engaging and fun.

I have had the pleasure of beginning to blog alongside one of my great friends, so we've been learning together which has also been good. A bit of healthy competition never goes amiss, hey?!!

So, please please please widen (and improve ;-) your blogging community by visiting these two blogs below.
(oh and while you're clicking 'join this site' on the below blogs - as you no doubt will - spare a thought for Gandalf's [that's me] 'join this site' button, which is feeling woefully inadequate.)

1. Runblogger - Pete Larson. A teacher and a runner. (which actually seems to be a common fit). I have only been a 'follower' for a short while, but everything I have read has been interesting, pertinent to my interests and also to the current 'no mans land' that running science, technique and form theory seems to be residing in at the moment. Arguments are persuasive and justified, his thoughts just seem perfectly weighted and insightful. Take a look.

2. Anthony Animal - unshod Anthony or just Anthony. This guy is awesome with the written word. Can I say this after reading so little of his stuff? I think so yes! Now I know he's intelligent, but just quite how, I was reminded of recently by a number of examples, his blog being one of these. Right yes, I'll admit this guy is my best friend, but I have no quarms in recommending this blog (only in its infancy), based solely on its merits and not from friendship bias. A brave and refreshing approach to a subject that at this point we think might be quite niche. Nothing like building curiosity, right?!! Anyway, don't take my word for it, check out his words...


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