Saturday, 14 January 2012

Taking stock and leaving work 1

This is close to running thought process, so forgive the randomonium and lack of structure!

So this is a bit of a period of change for me. It seems I've stopped being lazy in my outlook and have decided to think about every aspect of my life more thoroughly, rather than living comfortably in ignorance. In my immature thinking as it is, I feel that change is required. There is just 'too much', to commit my years to a 'career'.

I keep on thinking that I have to say as a fall back, [almost a justification] that "I know this is a cliched thought and a romantic notion to think that I can just give up work and still live a good life" but why should I have to say that, to justify? Surely it is also a romantic notion to want to have a career, to be happy in your job, to get a nice house and have a nice family. (And how often is this romantic notion achieved these days?- not as often as you may hope)

Doesn't it come down to the fact that if your life is to work, are you really happy with that? Are you happier working or not? I know which one I'd say.

So I am seeing if it is possible that I just work a little, but live my life better. Living for the weekend is just not how it should be. I mean, come on. My friend and I have tried to be spontaneous in our adventures, but we have had to book that months in advance!so......

I suppose I'd prefer to actually learn that a career is a neccesity rather than just assume it. Is this the problem. We just assume! It is easier to assume than to spend time learning isn't it?

We assume it is easier and better for us to do as others do right?! -And work to provide ourselves with endless comfort.
We assume that the more money we have, the better life will be.
We assume that we are weird for thinking that 'this can't be right' (certainly those who read on might have)- and because of this...
We assume no-one else feels this way
We assume wrongly

We assume that humans are progressing! And this is the one that I am loving particularly at the mo. Now, these are very basic thoughts and lets just say, convenient for someone caught in a whirlwind of new found thought, so possibly not that well thought out or balanced, but as general views, perhaps you will just let it go.

So human's are progressing?! yes, no? In my book, the fact that our bodies can't deal with our lifestyles is funny. We can no longer run correcty. We have obesity issues. Our liver can process 3 teaspoons of sugar in a day, yet we ignorantly over reach on this point every single day. Smoking and alcohol. We neglect our bodies. Me myself as much as anyone> something I hope to rectify.

We are destroying our planet. Progress? To destroy what allows us this life. Hmmm?
We are probably the only animal on earth where we are our own problem - separate to those animal on animal problems naturally designed to restore balance - as there is no balance with humans.
Biggest progressions in human history - Guns, money and capitalism - all germs/infections really!

If progress is to make our population growth exponential, so that our own limited resources can't provide for us, then great.

Progress is what? In these terms to end up in a position better than before. That is really funny when we are speeding up our own demise.

Anyway, so instead of just thinking about how wrong I feel this all is, I've gone for active change. Change my life and hopefully be one more person seeing this all as madness and hopefully acting as much as possible not to add to the madness. And if in doing so I can influence some others on the way, then great!

Of course, to do this in a society set up as it is, is not a fair test, so I don't doubt to fail, but fuck it! It'll be experience, whether good or bad.

I am now officially leaving my job and just seeing what happens. Officially seeing what happens. I have some plans, but after reading a quote about 'plans breeding the mundane' and many discussions following this, I am going to try and be less rigid. Hopefully the expression "I don't exactly know" will follow the queries surrounding my plans. And if that can replace my current default of, "oh you know, same ol'". Then more the better!

This is all a learning experience and so it would not be realistic to go cold turkey on current aspects of my living. I am already changing a lot. Vegetarian, more considerate of the environment, more mindful/aware in general. I suppose 'one step at a time' right!

I started writing this post about taking stock of my active self, but it didn't seem enough, without looking at the general 'me' situation. As I started writing it, I kept on being drawn away in my thoughts to more overriding issues. As always, these posts are almost like diary posts, a tool for me to think about, investigate and record my thinkings and doings, so please if you are reading out of interest, forgive the ramble. I think I need the ramble as part of my thought processes. Anyway, I can do what I want, it's my bloody blog! haha

So this post is a basis for more to come! Taking stock part 1 I suppose.


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