Sunday, 29 April 2012

Major delay moan

It is quite possible, no, probable that I am going to have delay this trip a matter of weeks if not months. My recurring knee injury has reared its head again. And again a wonderful plan has been put on hold due to this problem.

I wonder to myself now, will I ever be able to properly take part in long distance tours or is my cycling future going to be solely based around short distances... Maybe I'll take up time trialling more seriously!

Either way, this is supremely frustrating. I am all ready to go. I am sitting here just waiting for a last item to charge fully, because with the weather forecast as it is, I am unlikely to get much in the way of solar charge in the next couple of days. Suppose it doesn't really matter as it is unlikely to be a matter of days, before I am forced to quit. I expect to get a few miles down the road before the pain kicks in and I am forced to turn round and submit to weeks/months of off bicycle recovery.

Not ideal when you've planned to take up your next few months on a cycle tour!

It took months to recover last time. I even had a professional bike fitting in the hope to solve the problem, but to no avail.

Anyway, it is likely that those of you reading this are active, like minded people and as such have probably had experience of injury, so it is not necessary that I spend time explaining why it is so frustrating! IT JUST IS!

You never know, I might feel miraculously healed today and set off on the 4000 mile trip with no issues! Here's hoping!!!


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