Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Slacklining - Conditioning and fun?!!

Here is a photo of the result of half an hour of set up in a wetsuit.

What fun! Swimming the rolled up slackline over before fastening both ends around barnicle covered rocks. (Not the best thing for slackline longevity - protection needed for next time!) 

The shame was, that after the successful set up, I was unable to get best use out of it because the tide got too low! I'll definately be going back though!

"Have you noticed how much better your balance is since starting to slackline?", my brother queried, as saw me doing a quad stretch after a cycle ride. I hadn't thought about it, but it clearly has helped! This got me thinking.

Slacklining is an interesting activity. Aside from being absurdly addictive, you'd never expect it to be so tiring! I suppose it stands (or falls) to reason, that with some dramatic whole body movements, constant minute adjustments and mental concentration in keeping your balance, you are actually doing an exhausting amount. 

In being such a work out, it is a fantastic way to condition your body, also utilising unusual muscles. Full body stabilisation is something we are often lacking in our sedentary lifestyles. Conditioning; posture, core work, balance etc (all intrinsically linked), is becoming a major area of significance for modern athletes and in recreation. Just look at the yoga boom!

I was watching the Milan - San Remo, the Strade Bianchi and the start of the 'classics' road racing, and professional  road cycling season the other day and thinking to myself how the multi million pound teams should start introducing slacklining sessions in team training camps. If anything, it would be efficient - combining your conditioning workouts and team building exercises into one. It is superbly social and fun!


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