Friday, 16 March 2012

Therm-a-rest prolite

What a seemingly quality piece of gear! It looked great on opening the delivery box. What a difference good packaging can make! I suppose one would naturally think of an inflatable mattress as a fragile item, when you are a wild camping enthusiast. Certainly that is the feeling I had - and one consolidated by the endless mention of the risk of punctures in use. Though certainly, on first receiving the mattress it seemed like a great looking mat and felt a bit more robust than expected.

I decided on going with the prolite and it's lesser insulation rating over the prolite plus. I figured the 300gram weight saving and pack size would be beneficial come the warmer months and when the ground is cold and hard, my plan was to combine the prolite with a multimat adventure for extra warmth and protection for the inflatable.

First test was a cycle down to South Devon. A couple of wild camps on route allowed me a proper initial test. Still being early March I thought combining the thermarest with the multimat was sensible for warmth. Disappointingly, despite the extra protection I hoped it might provide, it seems that my mattress has punctured within two uses. Not a great start!

Luckily, it is a small leak and still allows for a few hours sleep before I am required to re-inflate it once again. Not terrible, but not great, particularly when considering the premium price tag of such a product.

I suppose next step is to do as cascade designs recommend and get the thing into the bath and work out whether or not it a warranty issue or whether an attempt at self repair is required.  


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