Saturday, 22 October 2011

Snowdonia experiences - Time doesn't matter Wilderness

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Snowdonia Experiences - "Best thing I've ever done" moments
As weeks go, the recent week in Snowdonia was right up there! Simple plan - mate and I were to go as basic as possible, climb some mountains do some running and bivi down whenever and wherever the mood took us.

If you're aiming for 'Wilderness' a dead end road is a good start and if it has gates, all the better!

So first evening, we found some good UK wilderness on a plateau of snowdonia around 600 vertical metres. We hiked for a bit and then bivi'd down. Mr Wind was being a bit playful, though strangely enough, one of the better sheltered spots was atop a rocky outcrop, which provided spectacular views in almost  every direction.

          East from plateau over North Wales                 Llyn Eigiau Reservoir                      
Come morning, Mr Wind had really got the bit between his teeth. We temporarily lost one roll mat and a water proof bag, but an intrepid 10 minute mission down hill and back up by my wilderness colleague, saw us retrieve that which we thought was lost. 

Pack up was a challenge, but moods couldn't have been better. Huge appreciation of total contrast between 9-5 London and time doesn't matter wilderness. Love it!
Out crop O' rock - home for first night


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