Monday, 31 October 2011

Work loop

Went for a lunch time run today with a colleague who I know from our work mountain walking trips. To his benefit, he has the mentality of a member of the RAF reserve regiment, to his detriment, he had consumed 16 pints over the weekend. A great guy and a great run! I was buzzing afterwards - good old endorphins.

Having only started barefoot running 3 ish months ago, I am still convincing my body, that this is the way to go. The adjustment to the barefoot style has been a slow one, a process that has demanded as much patience as it has rest. After the first month of constantly pulled calf muscles and frustratingly short distances, (starting at a few hundred metres) more recently it has become easier. I am still taking it slowly though, having had experience of plenty of injuries solely the result of over eagerness and lack of rest. REMEMBER, you get fitter, whilst resting. [in simplistic terms]

Being happy that I was finally up to the level where I could run the 4-5 miles that I knew Dave was running, I finally submitted to the goads (apparently I am a ‘puddin’ – did I mention he was from Newcastle!) and took up the challenge to join him. We stretched, started off slow but really picked the pace up once warm.

What I can safely say is, (in line with expectation) that having predominantly been a cyclist, my Cardio vascular system is a hell of a long way ahead of my body when it comes to running! With extended distances I am limited by my muscle capability, which today, I have to say, was a really interesting thing to experience.

Another thing of note though, is that fantastically, unlike the days when I was a heel striker, I now, (touch wood) seem to be able to do both running and cycling simultaneously. As I pick up both the cycling miles and the running miles again, side by side, we shall see whether this injury free state remains. Here's hoping...


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