Thursday, 20 October 2011

So why blog?

I'm sure many bloggers have asked themselves the same question… actually, I'm certain many bloggers have asked themselves the same question, because in searching for 'reasons people blog' I found a page on blogger buzz, where this question was answered by many:-

“I started blogging because I loved my wedding and talking about weddings and my fiancĂ© didn't - I needed a community”

"Main reason: creative writing outlet. Aux reasons: counteract stereotypes/preconceived ideas abt Pakistan, Pakistanis, & Islam :)"

“I started blogging after a near death experience to create a legacy for my three young children”

“Started blogging to write about food and Flavor of Italy's culinary tourism business”

Now these are all no doubt very credible reasons to start a blog, the creative writing example itself, I can adopt as part of the reason (I think) I am going to start this, alongside:
1. investigation of social medias for work
2. mates’ suggestion and adoption of same idea
3. recent interest in Ultra marathon runners’ blogs
4. poor memory and requirement for a means of remembering and appreciating what I get up to.
5. discussion with others on subjects/experiences, both mine and theirs
6. generally expressing myself better in writing, as my mind is too slow for this speaking malarkey.

…but I think I am willing to admit something about the main reason I am starting a blog and actually the reason I do most things in life and for greater impact, I will finish my first post with an exclamation.

What about good old self gratification?!!


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